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16 3/8″ VIOLA

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While I will build almost any model viola for a commission, currently I am focused on two viola models, a 16-3/8” pictured here and a 16” model that is a scaled down version of the larger one. I like to think of them as the models Stradivari would have arrived at if he had been interested in violas. It’s doubtful he was, as he made only a dozen of them, and didn’t create a new model after about 1690. In fact, my model is based upon the famous Andrea Guarneri known as the “ex Compte Vitali”. I took its sublime body proportions, but reduced its oversized corners. In addition, I designed a smaller-sized scroll, without the cello style peg box, to maximize playability. Also, I pay great attention to carving the neck and fingerboard to be as comfortable and playable as possible.


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