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Each of my instruments is created individually entirely by me, working alone in my studio on Boston’s North Shore. I feel most confident of maintaining the high standard of quality to which I am committed, when I personally perform every step in the violin making process.

My work is inspired stylistically by the iconic early 18th century masterworks of Antonio Stradivari’s golden period. Visually, I am drawn to the warmth and subtle beauty of these classic instruments, and most importantly, the unsurpassed acoustic success of these models. All of my instruments are finished and varnished in the antiqued style. I give great attention to comfort and playability, especially in violas. For more information about specific models, please follow these links to violins and violas.InTheStudio2



I have been acquiring and collecting fine tonewood since my school days almost 40 years ago. Tonewood has always held a fascination for me, and as a result I have a really great selection of well-aged material to choose from for each new project. For example, I recently purchased some particularly fine wood from the estate of my most important teacher, Rene Morel. He brought with him these particular violin backs when he emigrated from France, before I was born.